MH&P | Technology

From the Frame Production Workshop to a Technology Pioneer

It all starts in the 1980s through close connections and intensive cooperation between Kay Montag and the established artists’ scene in West-Berlin. He caters to its steady demand, manages productions and in 1990 establishes the company Montag, Hampl & Partner at the heart of Berlin. Since then, art supplies and services related to art, handicrafts and hobbies have been produced, traded and soldin this creative city under the motto more art for the people.

For over 25 years a major focus has been on the production of pre-stretched canvasses. Driven by the increasing demands of the market and of its customers, MHP I offers a full range of art supplies-from museum, individual units through minor and medium serial prints down to industrial large-scale production of 100,000 and more units: all sectors are currently served.

This is where of MH&P I Technology was born. Increasing demands regarding volume, flexibility, just-in-time production, constant quality and cost pressure in a globalized world motivate Kay Montag and his team to invest in the technological development of semi- and fully automatic solutions for pre-stretching frames.

In 2008 the technology is ready for serial production, the first semi-automatic solution, the MHP ST , is introduced. Global sales commence. In 2011 an innovation, the first fully automatic, process-managed and integrated machine solution, the MHP SP, is delivered. In 2015 the series of the pre-stretched frames – sticking machines is expanded by the MHP V-Plug .

Technology – Made in Germany. For more than 25 years customers have relied on MH&P where engineering, training and consulting within the context of pre-stretched frames is concerned. Expertise, know-how and development. A one-stop shop for modern pre-stretched canvas production. From this 360-degree angle, innovations are constantly being developed that are tried and true at the subsidiary MHP - Das Keilrahmen Werk.