Fully Automatic solution //
4 canvases/min.

  • Up to 270 canvases per hour
  • Conveyor belt (input and output)
  • Formats from 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches) up to 160 x 160 cm (63 x 63 inches)
  • 4-sided canvas stretching / 4-sided folding
  • Processes standard frames made of wood or MDF
  • Suitable for fabrics and laminated papers
  • Only one semi-skilled, non-technical operatoris required for production
  • Process combination with the PLUG
  • Can be used as an integrated, process-controlled solution for upstream and downstream process

Designed for long runs with a quick and reliable process

The MHP Speedmaster (SP) stretches, folds, and staples complete canvases automatically.

It is available as a stand-alone machine or optionally as an integrated, process controlled machine for up- and downstream workflow applications.

You can expect hourly production yields of about 120 units for large formats and up to 270 units for small formats, depending on the efficiency of the machine operator.

Only one semi-skilled, non-technical operator is required for production. Single format production runs up to 270 canvases are possible before staple reloading.

Standard stapling process is for gallery wrap. The automated 4-corner-folding module and an output conveyor belt are included. A square-fold-module and other special features are also available.


Fully automatic and fully integrated into existing workflow

Customization options:
  • Additional, integrated and synchronized conveyor belts (input and output)
  • Customized stretcher bar heights
  • Synchronization interface

Processed materials: 
  • Raw and primed textile having a weight of 160 – 420 g/m²
  • Pre-printed textiles and paper weights of 160 – 420 g/m²
  • Laminated paper of 180 g/m²
  • Different stretcher bar heights

We always test your preferred media, both stretcher strips and textile material, to ensure successfulprocessing.

General technical data and power requirements:
  • Compressed air: 8 Bar
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Engine performance: 900 W
Min. formats /cm20x2020x2030x30
Max. formats /cm80x80120x120160x160
format changes/min.5-105-105-10
dmension in cm / inches 420x425 / 166x168''500x505 / 182x184''580x585 / 229x231''

Standardized plant with components in modular technology guarantees the highest quality and global service (7/24).