SpeedF L


Stretched Canvas – the flexible solution

The SpeedF is the ultimate solution for automated and cost-efficient canvas stretching, especially for small and medium orders, constant format changes as well as bigger formats.

It is a stand-alone machine, but can also be used as an integrated, process-controlled solution for upstream and downstream processes. Only one semi-skilled, non-technical operator is required for production.

Depending on format, machine type and operator efficiency, up
to 220 units can be produced per hour. The automated technology works in a two-stage process, stretching two opposite sides at a time. Stapling is always on the back side – gallery wrap. The tension is infinitely adjustable, ranging from light to drum-tight. The format setting of the first measurement is continuously variable; the second measurement is identified automatically.

The standard SpeedF model processes wood bars, MDF bars and wooden panels with material heights ranging from 1,6 to 4,0 cm (appx. 0.78 – 1.57 inch); the stretcher bars width should be a minimum of 2,5 cm (0,98 inches) for stable stapling; there is no minimum width. Stretcher bars of other materials and different heights are optionally available. It contains new stapler technology with magazines holding over 8.000 needles so that refilling does not hinder efficient production.